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Do you want to be coached every step of the way
by Tom and Jack?

20+ years of experience as both high-level championship-winning athletes and coaches

With 20+ years of experience as both high-level championship-winning athletes and coaches that have achieved success with a wide range of clients, we truly believe we can help you Domin8 your training.

Domin8 Athlete Coaching is designed for those who wish to look like they perform and perform as they look.

  • You will receive our brutally effective training programme which is updated weekly and regular performance testing throughout to monitor your progress.

  • Get exclusive access to detailed video coaching for all exercises within the programme and lectures on nutrition and recovery.

  • We also deliver our weekly ‘Coaches Corner’ to explain the rationale behind the week’s programme and answer all your questions.

  • Additionally, you have the option to compete against the rest of the Domin8 community via our live built-in leaderboard.

  • Exclusive access to member training days.

We encourage anyone that wants to build a formidable physique and take their strength and conditioning to the next level to join the Domin8 team.

Sign up today and begin dominating your training to take your progress to the levels you are truly capable of.

Join the Domin8 Team today for only £60 p/m

Please check the FAQ’s and T&C’s before signing up


Domin8 Athlete is an innovative, proven and progressive programme updated weekly by Jack Lovett and Tom Hamilton. It also welcomes you into the renowned Domin8 community and all the ongoing support and camaraderie that includes.

The programme is delivered via our preferred training app Train Heroic. This will provide:

– New programming each and every week directly to your profile on the app.
– Biofeedback modules to programme in before you start a training session.
– All sets, reps, intensity techniques and exercises laid out in detail for you.
– Every exercise comes with its own detailed video featuring Jack and Tom coaching you through optimal technique complete with cues and suggested alternatives if required.
– Built-in training logs to track your progress throughout.

You will know exactly what is ahead so that you can focus on training and your results.

YES! Everything you need is coached right inside the app.

All members of the D8 community get exclusive access to the in-app message boards to ask questions, post videos and interact with the entire community.

Every exercise programmed comes with its own detailed video featuring Jack and Tom coaching you through optimal technique complete with cues and suggested alternatives if required.

Jack and Tom also deliver a weekly ‘Coaches Corner’ video direct to the app so that you can be guided through every workout for the week ahead with tips on how to excel.

You also receive free access to a private members-only website filled with lectures on nutrition, lifestyle, recovery and much more.

We recommend you have a sound technical ability under load in the below movements:

– Back Squat OR Safety Bar Squat
– Zercher Squat
– Front Squat
– Bench Press (straight OR neutral grip barbell)
– Deadlift (conventional OR sumo OR trap bar)
– Military Press (straight OR neutral grip barbell)
– Barbell Rows
– Dumbbell pushing and pulling.

Whilst the ability to perform bodyweight push ups and pull ups is desirable, alternatives are provided.

As a minimum it is recommended that you have access to barbells, dumbbells, power rack, bench and an Airbike.

Ideally you will also have access to standard gym machines (Lat pulldowns, 45 Raise, leg press etc).

The facility to pull sleds and push prowlers would be a bonus.

Unless you have an exceptionally well stocked home gym, this programme is not suitable for home training.

Typically every D8 programming week will be laid out with 4 main training days. Each of these workouts is approximately 60-75 minutes.

Optional ‘Bonus’ training days of approximately 45 minutes and ‘Recovery’ days take you up to 7 potential training days per week. BUT, based on your schedule and goals, you can customise the number of days YOU train per week to suit.

SIMPLE Click the “sign up’ button above and enter your details. Read the T&C’s and from there you will get immediate access to your account on TrainHeroic, complete with the weeks training, message boards, exercise demos and Coaches Corner video.

We strongly recommend you are limitation free to fully benefit from the programme. Whilst we can’t adjust to suit individual injuries, there are optional alternatives to applicable exercises throughout based upon equipment access and ability.

Yes you can join today, however you will not start the programme until the beginning of a training week on a Monday, e.g. if you signed up on a Tuesday, you will not start the programme until Monday.

There is also no need to “go back to week 1”. The programme is designed to enable you to jump in at any point within the training block.

Yes, the minimum sign up commitment is 3 months. After this you will move to a monthly rolling agreement with a 1 month notice period.

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