About us

Jack Lovett

Jack Lovett is the owner of Spartan Performance, a pioneer in the warehouse style gym in the UK. For the last decade, Jack has become renowned for getting results with athletes of all ability and level, including world champion strongwomen, UFC fighters, professional football, strongman, rugby and physique competitors. As a competitive athlete, Jack is a two-time British Natural Strongman Champion and World Natural Strongman competitor.

Tom Hamilton

Tom Hamilton is a world champion powerlifter & strength coach. Working in the industry since 2010, he has helped hundreds of his clients to get stronger, feel and look better with his coaching. Taking what he has learned from others along with his own coaching and athletic experiences, he has refined this into a strength training philosophy that forms the core values of the Domin8 Athlete system.



Since using the Domin8 Athlete system, my body composition has improved massively. My physique has improved (less fat, more muscle) whilst I have managed to increase my competition bench press to 235kg and deadlift to 357.5kg. All whilst feeling fitter too. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone wishing to build strength, muscle and drop body fat. I have seen it work from novice to elite level.


Since joining Domin8 Athlete coaching I have noticed a positive change in both my performance and physique. I have always strived to ‘look like I train’ and before working with Domin8 always thought this meant exclusively fat loss. Under the guidance of The Domin8 coaches, I have learned that training hard, pursuing strength and improving technical ability gives me the desired physique I am looking for. I have a confidence in my training that has been instilled in me by the enthusiasm and passion of the D8 coaches and since going to them I have also competed in a powerlifting competition. Domin8 has not only enhanced my relationship with training but has given me a more positive mindset in terms of what is achievable too.

3 Liam Bartle

Working under the Domin8 Athlete system for the last 13 weeks I have fast tracked results in my strength, physique and knowledge, along with increasing my desire to train HARD and constantly drive for results. The D8 methodology, is the ultimate programming for the hybrid athlete, providing a big focus on strength, with a heavy dose of hypertrophy and aesthetics. (Who doesn’t want to look good naked?) and a sprinkling of conditioning to promote CV health and performance. It has taught me how to train hard and smart as well as how to recover even harder. Something which I have neglected in the past. The programme can be catered to all levels and delivers the key thing – better results than ever before.

4 Nichol Smith

I came to Domin8 for help when I had no real structure to my training and I had no motivation to want to push myself. Domin8 helped me find a new passion for my lifting.

It gave me the courage to compete in multiple Powerlifting competitions where I secured lots of wins and even won a World Championships. The D8 system has helped me get lean, strong and to feel good all whilst remaining healthy, happy and injury-free.

I would recommend Domin8 to anyone that is looking to better their training and be part of a friendly training community. You won’t regret it.