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At Domin8, training is our sport. With over 20 years experience in the trenches both coaching and as athletes, we have identified 8 key principles that are involved in any successful programme.

Our proven methods of implementing these 8 principles in our own training and that of our clients are the cornerstone of the Domin8 athlete system.

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The Domin8 Athlete Program

The Domin8 Athlete Program is a 360 approach to training that aims to create a strong, powerful, robust athlete who is built like a tank and performs like a race car.​

The Domin8 athlete program is comprised of 8 key components

1 Activate

First we look to activate the client by warming them up, mobilising where appropriate and exciting the central nervous system.

2 Squat

A favourite movement pattern of ours, we include the variations we have found to be most effective over time. These include the likes of back, front and zercher squats.

3 Pressing

Pressing movements can be either horizontal based such as floor, bench, incline press. Or vertical, such as military or push press variations.

4 Deadlift

Deadlift or the hinge movement patterns are comprised of the likes of Romanian, conventional, trap bar and sumo deadlifts.

5 Pulling

Similar to pressing, these can be either horizontal based like chest supported, barbell or pendlay rows, or vertical and include pull up and chin up variations.

6 Loaded Carry

A personal favourite of ours, loaded carries are a great way to train the whole body at one in a unique way. Variations such as farmers walk, zercher carries and overhead walks feature heavily.

7 Recovery

It is vital that we recover as well as if not better than we train. This enables the ability to train as frequently and intensely as possible to achieve maximal results. Methods include self myofacial release, soft tissue therapy and sauna.

8 Nutrition

Optimal nutrition and effective supplementation helps maximise our progress. This is what we do personally and with all our clients.

Meet your coaches

Jack Lovett

Jack Lovett is the owner of Spartan Performance, a pioneer in the warehouse style gym in the UK. For the last decade, Jack has become renowned for getting results with athletes of all ability and level, including world champion strongwomen, UFC fighters, professional football, strongman, rugby and physique competitors. As a competitive athlete, Jack is a two-time British Natural Strongman Champion and World Natural Strongman competitor.

Tom Hamilton

Tom Hamilton is a world champion powerlifter & strength coach. Working in the industry since 2010, he has helped hundreds of his clients to get stronger, feel and look better with his coaching. Taking what he has learned from others along with his own coaching and athletic experiences, he has refined this into a strength training philosophy that forms the core values of the Domin8 Athlete system.

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