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Access multiple programmes and harness the power of the D8 community

At Domin8 Athlete we believe everyone can benefit from our expert coaching and proven programming, and our Group Online Coaching Services are designed to make that a reality.

For those who want to make the most of their time in the gym following a plan that works and who thrive in a supportive community setting, our Group Online Coaching is the perfect fit.

Join a dynamic group of like minded individuals who are committed to pushing their limits and each other to achieve greatness.

Led by our renowned coaches, this service combines the benefits of proven programming, expert guidance, along with the motivation and camaraderie of a group environment, creating a powerful formula for success.

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key features of our group online coaching

1. proven programming

Choose from a wide range of effective and proven training programmes to suit all level of ability from novice all theway to full Domin8 Athlete. If you have gym access and want to improve then we have the programme for you.

2. expert guidance

Detailed video tutorials featuring Jack and Tom coaching you through every exercise of every programme

3. members only content

Access to exclusive members only content that supports your Domin8 Athlete journey

4. community

Be part of apowerful online communitycomplete with group support, message boards and weekly‘Coaches Corner’video fromthe coaching team

How it works


Choose the programme that aligns with your goals, equipment and training experience


Sign up, download our training app and private members group


Start enjoying the results of the Domin8 Athlete system and become a part of our thriving online community.

D8 Power

Maximal strength development including new 1RM in the squat, bench press, deadlift and overhead press.

D8 muscle

Maximal muscle growth in pursuit of your best physique ever.

D8 athlete

The full package. Improve strength, build muscle, boost performance and supercharge your fitness on our signature programme.

D8 Lite

Our remit with this programme is to deliver maximal possible return from minimal session frequency and length.

D8 Travel

Don’t lose momentum when unable to access a gym and complete your usual D8 programme.

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