d8 travel

Unlock Your Potential with the D8 travel Programme

what will you achieve?

Don’t lose momentum when unable to access a gym and complete your usual D8 programme.

Whilst these workouts are not designed to break lifetime records, they will ensure you always have a plan and know exactly what to do.

Who is it for?

Can’t get to the gym for a short period of time and still want to train?

Maybe you are working from home with minimal to no kit.?

Maybe you are travelling, have no access to a hotel gym and need an in room workout?

Maybe you are on vacation and still want to keep your hand in the hotel gym?

In all cases it’s possible a short but intense workout that requires almost zero kit is just what you need to keep your progress on track.

Enter D8 Travel.

programme outline

This is not a periodised programme like all others on offer. It does not run for 12 weeks. Rather we have collated a range of short and effective workout ideas for when minimal gym equipment is available especially when travelling. Perfect for hotel rooms or lower spec hotel gyms. Simply complete as you see fit based upon your schedule and desire

Essential Kit

Resistance Bands:
1 x pro micro resistance band – Purchase from Elitefts

1 x pro micro resistance band – Purchase from Elitefts

1 x pro micro resistance band – Purchase from Mark Bell Slingshot

None Essential Kit

If your hotel has a gym with the below then great. Use them where applicable. No worries if not.

Light DB
Cable System
Skipping Rope

Ready to domin8 your training?

Before you go

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