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Where strength meets aesthetic and lasting results are unleashed. Our mission is to provide you with the coaching and expertise to have you dominating not just in the gym but every aspect of life too. At the head of your proven results based programmes are renowned strength coaches, Jack Lovett & Tom Hamilton.

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Why domin8 athlete

The Domin8 Athlete system is the result of our combined 30 years’ experience delivering lasting results to over2500 in person clients.

Clients who for the most part wanted to look like they lifted and lift as well as they looked.

Domin8 Athlete isn’t just an online programme, it’s a commitment to unlocking your full potential from two of the most experienced and respected coaches in industry.

With Jack Lovett and Tom Hamilton in your corner, we blend proven methodologies with personalised coaching and supportive online community to realise lasting and impressive results.

Our programmes are designed to not only improve all physical qualities but to instil a mindset that conquers challenges both inside and outside the gym.

Join us at Domin8 Athlete where strength, performance and aesthetic converge.

Whether you are an athlete striving for greatness or an individual seeking transformative results, Jack, Tom and our powerful online community are here to lead the way.

meet the coaches

Meet jack lovett

As the co-founder of Domin8 Athlete, Jack brings a wealth of industry experience and a relentless passion for delivering the very best possible result to his clients. Owner of the renowned Spartan Performance Gym with a a background steeped in strength training, Jack has hones his skills working with elite athletes, transforming their performance through bespoke programmes that push the boundaries of what can be achieved.

His commitment to excellence and innovation is a cornerstone of the Domin8 Athlete training philosophy and ensure success to all clients, athlete or not.

Meet Tom Hamilton

Co founder and driving force behind Domin8 Athlete’s cutting edge approach, Tom is a seasoned coach with a rich background delivering serious results within some of London’s busiest personal training spaces.

Tom’s dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements makes him a go to educator for coaches around the UK and ensures that our clients benefit from the most effective training systems.

His firm focus on client support and education is integral in making Domin8 Athlete a truly comprehensive platform for success.


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